What is Facebook Live Crossposting?Have you ever think about broadcasting live video to multiple Facebook page’s at the same time without sharing or re-uploading ?

Crossposting refers to streaming live broadcast to multiple Facebook pages without uploading to each pages or sharing the original live video. You will need setup one page for live streaming, and other page will crosspost the same live video as their page name. No one can determine in which page, the actual live broadcasting happening. Each page will broadcast the live video with its own comments & reactions from each page.You will also find details about Facebook Live Crossposting here


How to Setup Facebook Live Crossposting?Only broadcasts created through the Live API (Publisher Tools and facebook.com/live/create) are eligible for Live crossposting. Broadcasts originating from mobile cannot be Live crossposted.To make this setup simpler, Smart Bot Maker create new feature which will give you the simplest solution to crosspost your live video to your other Facebook pages easily without any complex setup.The options you will get

  1. Create Live event as schedule
  2. Create Live now
  3. Setup pre-recorded video for live streaming [optional]
  4. Get stream URL or stream key to use in third-party Live Streaming Software like wirecast , OBS etc.
  5. Choose your page’s where you want to crosspost the live video.
  6. Either use Smart Bot Maker native broadcasting or third-party software, system will crosspost live video to your chosen pages.

Setting Screenshot :